Celebrate Clergy Appreciation Month

Throughout the month of October, churches around the world will show their appreciation for clergy and pastoral staff members in a variety of ways. These men and women can be celebrated through personal notes or gifts, by groups like a Sunday school class, or in larger settings with the entire congregation.  

Here are some ideas:

  • Share a video explaining what you appreciate about your pastor using #lovemynazpastor.
  • Organize a prayer calendar so each pastor is prayed for every day of the month.
  • Create a slideshow presentation of pastors in action during the past year. Set it to music and play it as a pre-service video.
  • Give clergy families a night out to a local restaurant or gift certificate for an overnight get-away.
  • Invite children to create artwork for the pastors.
  • Choose a day and have people text pastors hourly with a heartfelt message explaining how the pastors have positively impacted members.
  • Give each Sunday in October a special emphasis related to something appreciated about each of your congregation’s pastoral leaders (personality qualities, gifting, family, etc.) with a special tribute, recollection, etc. Consider giving a gift that relates to the emphasis.
  • Allow members of the congregation to volunteer time serving pastoral leaders by babysitting or helping with yard projects and other home maintenance.
  • Update your pastor’s office with new paint, décor, or a technology upgrade.

On behalf of the Church of the Nazarene's Global Ministry Center, thank you to pastors and all clergy for their labor and leadership in helping to make Christlike disciples in the nations. 

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