New Ecuador church hosts Holy Week celebration

Latacunga, Ecuador

More than 70 people attended a Holy Week celebration organized by the Latacunga Church of the Nazarene 20 April in the Ecuadorian Air Force auditorium. Child, youth, and adult church members put on various performances at the event.

The children in the church’s choreography ministry performed a worship song with dance and gymnastics, the church youth presented a black light performance depicting the work of Jesus on the cross, and 40 adult church members put on a play depicting Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. 

After the performances finished, Latacunga Church Pastor Marcelo Frentes offered a time for the audience to accept Jesus as their Savior. Nearly 40 people made a prayer of faith, and volunteers collected their names and information so the church can follow up with them later.

To end the event, participants shared food and fellowship together. 

The church in Latacunga was organized less than a year ago and has already experienced significant growth as it continues to reach out to its community.

“It is a living church that loves its community and loves making Christlike disciples,” Frentes said.

--Church of the Nazarene South America

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