Professional training ministry helps hundreds find jobs in Brazil

Campinas, Brazil

Campinas Central Church of the Nazarene is responding to needs in its community through the Professional Training Ministry, a program that features free classes for people of all ages who are looking to find new work in the changing labor market in Campinas, Brazil.

More than 420 people have participated in the Professional Training Ministry this year alone. Of those, 320 have already found work after receiving the training. The training features five modules that deal with subjects such as self-awareness, how to make and share your resume, how to interview well, current job skills, and how to plan to reach your dreams.

The practical classes are given by a group of five volunteers who are highly trained to offer the courses as well as psychological and spiritual support, completely free of charge. In one of the presentations, the participants learn to identify their qualities and list them on their resume to set them apart from other candidates. Another area of training has to do with the common questions asked in interviews. The participants leave the classes knowing how to act in each phase of the hiring process.

Nivaldo Augusto, who participated in the most recent cycle of classes, said the training opened his heart and mind. 

“I was totally depressed," he said. "I felt like a failure, broken, like my professional life was garbage, and it was reflected in my life and in everything around me. This course was what I was missing in my life.”

The Professional Training Ministry was created in 2005 and still offers individual training today. Those who are interested receive every kind of support necessary, always personalized and free of charge. In addition, the courses include all materials and meals.

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