South America coordinators train on using media for ministry

Pilar, Argentina

Communications coordinators from nine different countries across South America gathered in Pilar, Argentina, 16 August for a regional communications training program.

Workshop topics included screenplay, videography, photography, audio production, and the history of cinema. 

“Cinema is a very important tool these days, and the influence it has in any society is something that we cannot deny,” said Carlos Juárez, a member of the regional communications staff. “The church can use this tool to reach people with a different, creative message but in a language that people are accustomed to understanding.”

The coordinators shared their experiences and collaborated on future regional communications initiatives. They also filmed and produced a short film that will be edited and distributed on the internet.

After the training, each coordinator was assigned specific goals and objectives for ministry based on their country’s needs. Moving forward, they will meet regularly to help one another achieve these goals and to fellowship as a team.

--Church of the Nazarene South America

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