South America Region collaborates on future outreach

Asunción, Paraguay

The South America Regional Evangelism team held its annual vision and strategy meeting 2-5 April in Asunción, Paraguay. 

The meeting included ALPHA training led by Jose Luis Becerra. ALPHA is a system of small groups that meet to explore the Christian faith, ask questions, and share different points of view in order to reach non-Christians.

The event also featured Salt and Light training. The Salt and Light program aims to teach Christians how to engage with people who will most likely never walk into a church. JESUS Film Coordinator Daniel Herrera led the training and taught the team how to duplicate this event across the region.

Participants also talked about Vision 2020, a Board of General Superintendents emphasis that began in 2015. The team evaluated the Vision 2020 goals and developed strategies to reach those goals, including ALPHA, Salt and Light, and other outreach programs.

Leaders ended the event by working on a new discipleship program called I Am a Disciple that will be released in the next few months. It will be an initiative to promote a discipleship strategy for new believers in local churches.

--Church of the Nazarene South America

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