South Uruguay District encourages, equips 'those who care for others'

Montevideo, Uruguay

“Taking Care of Those Who Care for Others," a pastoral care conference on the South Uruguay District, encouraged participants to pursue holistic personal health and seek balance in their work and family lives.

Throughout the conference, held 8-9 June in Montevideo, pastors were encouraged to pursue holistic personal health and to seek balance in their work and family lives — both essential for leading a healthy church.

Geraldo Nunes, holistic ministries coordinator for Brazil, Jose Luis Becerra, South America Regional leader for the "Living Out the Great Commission Initiative," and Carlos Soto, Colombian church pastor, served as event speakers.

Rocio Fonseca, national coordinator for women’s ministries in Uruguay, also led the woman in a series of women's ministries workshops, encouraging them to continue the work they are doing in their local church. 

"We thank the district superintendent, Rev. Adhemar Charlín, and his wife, Pastor Ligdana Carrero, for their valuable help in making this time a success," said Eduardo Meza, national ministries coordinator in Uruguay. "[We] also thank the regional leaders for their constant help in the development and progress of the church in Uruguay."

--Church of the Nazarene South America

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