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Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library

The Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library is a free, multidisciplinary, open access, digital resource of books, literature, multimedia material, and archives collected into a single institutional repository initiated by the global Church of the Nazarene in response to the global need for access to resources for education, lifelong learning, and specifically ministerial preparation.


An online journal exploring the intersections of Christian conviction, culture and education.

Preachers Magazine

Preacher’s Magazine has been a staple of the Nazarene pastor’s ministerial tools since 1926. Generations of leaders, pastors, and clergy spouses have contributed to and gathered materials from this longstanding instrument for the clergy person’s personal development.

Media Library

Document Library

Files in our Document Library.
District Forms, District Journals, Local Forms, Logos, Nazarene Safe, Other Documents

Church of the Nazarene Manual

Manual of the Church of the Nazarene 2013-2017


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