Luke 18:1-8

When a friend brought her new puppy to obedience class the instructor congratulated the new owner: you’ve just agreed to live with a toddler for the next several years!

Anyone who has owned a puppy knows that they can be intelligent, but also curious, needing guidance, and full of energy. One of the things puppies and toddlers have in common is persistence. Once an idea occurs to either one, they can use tenacious energy to just keep after it.

The widow in Luke 18 was persistent. She never wavered from what was right, hounding the judge for justice. It didn’t matter that the judge “neither feared God nor cared what people thought,” the widow continued with her mission (v. 2). Persistence paid off in the end: the judge agreed to grant justice (even if he didn’t believe in it himself!).

The Lord calls us to be persistent in our pursuit of justice and mercy for all people. Have you lost hope in seeking justice? Do not quit! The trials you may experience do not have to turn you into a fair-weather fan: lean into God’s grace!

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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