Learn how the Church of the Nazarene is collaborating with other Wesleyan holiness bodies

Wesleyan Holiness Consortium

At HolinessAndUnity.org we are happy to provide for you a welcome and a word of encouragement to pursue your curiosity about this wonderfully magnetic theme that describes the very nature of God. We call you to freedom, wholeness, and engagement.

WHC Freedom Network

The Wesleyan Holiness Consortium Freedom Network seeks to foster a collaborative approach to ending modern slavery by proclaiming a hopeful alternative and by engaging in smart, effective, sustainable action.

Wesleyan Theological Society

The Wesleyan Theological Society is a growing group of scholars who have joined together for several reasons. The society seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas among Wesleyan-Holiness theologians; acts as a source of ideas and essays for Christian Holiness Partnership seminars; stimulates scholarship among younger theologians, pastors, and inquiring laity; and publishes a scholarly journal twice a year. 

Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy

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