Volunteer Opportunities

The Global Ministry Center is committed to maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment for its volunteers. Our desire is to channel volunteers’ passionate dedication to their faith into meaningful service to the global church.

Please contact our Human Resources Assistant for more information on how to serve as a volunteer.

Following is a list of volunteer assignments that are currently available. Unless indicated otherwise, assignments are carried out at the offices of the Global Ministry Center in Lenexa, Kansas.


Current Volunteer Assignments

Prayer and Communication Correspondent
Stewardship Development
Description:  As members of the Calling Team, volunteers will be responsible for calling Nazarene churches in the United States, potentially offering them free resources, and asking to pray for them. As a member of our calling team, volunteers are helping to build stronger relationships with our local churches.

Encouragement and Engagement Correspondent
Stewardship Development
Description:  As members of our Constituent Engagement Team, volunteers will be responsible for writing encouraging and supportive notes to local churches, pastors, and district personnel serving in the Church of the Nazarene (as assigned by the Volunteer Coordinating Specialist). This is a means of engaging and supporting the local church.

Prayer Partner
Stewardship Development
Description:  As members of the Prayer Team, volunteers will actively pray for the requests as assigned via email by the Volunteer Coordinating Specialist.